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How-To Make The Best of Older Computers & Peripherals
By Bill Benitez, MCSE, A+ Certified

It seems that there is no where you can turn without running into ads for computers with all the new bells and whistles. Everyone is ready to tell you to get rid of your computer and get one of these new marvels. New computers are great and prices are lower than ever because of all the competition, but it is still a significant investment that may not be necessary.

Many older computers easily perform all the tasks we need to do and only require a little care to keep them running well. Keeping these computers running well is the goal of my web site. All the valuable how-to information found on these pages are geared directly to owners of older computers.

Articles include information about all windows operating systems including DOS, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and a little about Linux. To make it easy for you, the buttons on the left will take you to the subjects of your choice.

It has been many years since I built my first computer but those of you who have ever considered building your own computer may find my first experience interesting. For me, it was somewhat of an adventure. To read all the details, click HERE. Contrary to what many people believe, you won’t save any money building your own computer but you will have a unique challenge. I built a computer for myself and one for my wife and we used them for many years and upgraded them several times. I preferred them to any manufacturered computer I have used.

If you do need to purchase a new computer in the future, click HERE to read my article on buying the best computer for you.

I hope you will read a lot of the how-to information and return to this site regularly. You will find that I included new information on a regular basis. I welcome your comments on this site at anytime. Please send me any computer related questions and I will answer them as promptly as possible. Thanks for visiting Computer Notions.

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