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About Windows Glitches

Whether you are a new computer user or an experienced one, you will have to deal with computer glitches sooner or later. There are a few basic things you can do to reduce the number of glitches on your computer.  Plus there are several ways to handle glitches that will help you avoid further problems.

At one time or another you will have software programs you no longer need.  Sometimes these are new programs that you purchased and turn out to be disappointments.  Or, one or more of them came on your computer and they are of no use to you. Whatever the case, it is best to get rid of those programs that are cluttering your hard drive for no reason. To avoid problems, DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THEM.

Software programs should be uninstalled, not deleted. Use the uninstall feature of Windows or the software application itself.  These uninstall applications clean out programs without harming shared files that could affect the overall performance of your computer.  If the windows uninstaller will not uninstall a particular program and it does not have an uninstall feature, consider purchasing a software remover program.  I have had very good luck with Clean Sweep but there are other programs on the market for this purpose.  These programs will help you remove software safely by making a compressed backup before uninstalling the software.  That way, if the uninstall creates problems for your computer, it can be restored.

The reason that deleting software applications can be so detrimental to system performance is that certain files that are shared by several programs can be deleted in the process.  This will probably stop other applications from working properly if at all.

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