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How often should you back up the registry? If you never make any changes to your computer, once a month should be enough. Otherwise, you should backup the registry every time you add hardware or software to your computer. Any change you make automatically makes changes in the registry. Take the time to back it up and you will be ready if anything goes wrong.

Should a program create problems for your computer, you can uninstall it and then restore your registry to the same condition it was in before that program messed thing up. It is cheap insurance and only takes a few moments of your time. Read the instruction below and start taking better care of your computer.

The Registry: Even though it is the heart of your computer system, very few people ever bother to create a backup of their registry. Here is a simple method to backup your registry so you will always be ready for a system crash and a corrupted registry.

Registry Backup: The program used for backing up the registry is called the Registry Editor. Even though the main function of the Registry Editor is to facilitate editing the registry, don't do it. One mistake and Windows could stop working and your computer will be useless until you correct the mistake. The Registry Editor does not check your changes for any mistakes. It assumes you know what you are doing and accepts your input regardless of the consequences. So, my advice is to simply back up the registry.
The first step is to create a place to store your registry backups. If you only have a hard drive and a floppy drive, you will have to backup your registry to your hard drive. The registry is almost always too large to fit on a floppy disk. If you have a Zip drive, CD writer or some other large capacity backup drive, use that to store one copy of your registry in case you hard drive goes bad.

Go into Windows Explorer from the Start -Programs menu and, create a new folder name Regback or something similar. Make one folder on your C: drive and another on your backup drive if you have one.

To backup you registry open the Registry Editor by clicking Start and Run. In the Run dialog box type in regedit. Then click OK. The Registry Editor window will open. My Computer should be highlighted. If it isn't, highlight it by clicking it. The next step is to click the File menu and then select Export Registry. A dialog box will ask you where you want to save the registry backup. Select the Regback folder in the C: drive and then give the backup a file name and click Save. Now you have a backup that could well save your computer system in the future.

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