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Positive Imaging Web Design

Many business owners still operate without a web presence. Most of them will tell you they don’t need a web site because their business is already going well. I always ask if they might be losing business because they cannot be reached on the web.

While having a web site is not an end all for marketing your business, it is something that modern consumers expect and will use if available. Potential customers expect businesses to keep up with the times and a website can help you do that.

Expansion is another reason for a website. Most small businesses cannot afford to expand significantly. With a well managed web site you can have a business presence that is world wide. Your products could be purchased by anyone in the entire world instead of just your City.

Website facilitate linking to others businesses. There are many related businesses that would welcome the opportunity to communicate with your customers and allow you to contact their customers and expand your market. Linking with other websites around the world is a quick way to increase exposure for your business.

How many businesses have spent thousands on having colorful brochures printed to pass out to a few thousand people. With a good website you can have a live brochure accessible to anyone in the world and you never run out of them. For a small monthly  hosting fee you can reach the entire world.

I can help you to gain these benefits without a major investment. My website creation services are designed specifically for small businesses. Unlike many website design companies, my fees are reasonable for businesses and individuals with limited budgets and limited computer related skills. Since I handle every aspect of creating your website, you receive personal service through every step.

Creating a website usually involves registering a domain name and setting up a hosting arrangement.  I will handle all those steps or work with just the creation of the website. We can also assist you in marketing your website. While it is important to have an attractive and functional website, it is useless to a business without adequate marketing.

I can handle every aspect of creating a website for your small business. Just send me information about your business and what you have in mind and I will submit a complete proposal by email. There is no obligation.

I created this web site and sites listed below. Please check them out now by clicking the links below:

For additional information please send me an email at:

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